Mark Grenell
Designing America One Project at a Time
My office is located on the outskirts of Wilmington, North Carolina, in Castle Hayne.
The firm began with freelance design and drafting of homes in 1980, and then expanded to Restaurants, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Medical Facillities, and Metal Buildings after being licensed as an Architect in 1996.
I am licensed to practice architecture in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Missouri. I am also certified with the National Council of Architectural Review Boards (NCARB).
My goal is to work with clients, creating solutions that bring their ideas to life, while working within the realistic bounds of proven construction methods with Contractors, and respecting the authority of the Building Inspection Officials.
Let me assist you with your project.
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To conform to industry standards, all projects are developed using AutoCAD.
In N.C: The Health Hazards Control Unit of the N.C. Dept. of Health & Human Services, Division of Public Health, must be notified of plans to demolish/remodel a building, including residences demolished for commercial or industrial expansion.
Tasteful Office Environments... 
PhiMatrix is a design and analysis application for Windows or Mac inspired by Phi, the Golden Ratio. Use it to unveil the beauty of nature's proportions or apply it to your own designs and artistic creations. It overlays a variety of tranparent grids over any other program to let you see and apply the golden ratio and other proportions to any image, and is a great tool to achieve excellence in design and composition.
Xara Pro 4: Webpage created using Xara Pro 4.
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Castle Hayne, North Carolina
p: 910-233-1061
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